Gianni Kavanagh: from Portugal to the World

Gianni Kavanagh presents 12 anual collections with a 2 month leading
time. We cherish originality, uniqueness, irreverence and a lot of confidence.Before your favorite pieces get to your house, there is a rigorous process that we do for you. 

Creativity never goes out of style and that’s why our creativity and design are inhouse. It’s all about the details, the soft touch that you love to feel, with the different logos for different occasions, you can choose between GK embroidered on the chest, the Golden Circle Logo, the Hybrid Logo or even the GK Signature Logo. It’s up to your preferences, that’s our mindset.Our suppliers are manly Portuguese, 7 to be exact. Some work exclusively for us.
We take great care in choosing the materials, opting for premium ones such as Cotton Lycra, but also focusing on the diversification of materials in each collection.

We do several tests of the meshes in the supplier, but also internally because we strive for the highest quality in our parts. After the pieces are made, Gianni Kavanagh labels are added and wrapped in a custom bag.We know the entire production process, from raw material to the final piece. Which makes every Gianni Kavanagh piece special and specially #MADEFORWINNERS.